A Tale of Talents

A Tale of Talents


Kevin Zavier

I believe God created motherhood as a challenge. Mothers are tested on their patience, their fortitude, and their strength in the process of bringing a baby into this world. Motherhood is a big responsibility. A mother needs to nurse her baby and attend to it even at late hours of the night. Not only does she need to be very caring of her child,  but also challenge it so that it can be prepared for the world. A mother must be caring and endearing, yet also fight for the life of her baby until its very last breath. I think a mother is largely responsible for her child’s morality, values, and how they navigate through this world.

Just as God challenges a mother, so does my mother challenge me. . She has always wanted me to excel in my academics and go far in life. Even though, I felt like she was against me whenever she asked about my grades, and then followed up with what my smarter friends got, I believe that she did those things because she had high expectations on me. Such high expectations helped me build my own self identity and taught me to bring forth a lot out of myself.

For all the love they shower on us, and the sacrifices they have made for us, we celebrate all mothers on this mother’s day. They put in a lot of work and we want to show our appreciation for it! We love you, moms!!

We love you moms!!

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