A Tale of Talents

A Tale of Talents

Food shortage and Starvation

Post COVID season has posed unprecedented physical, psychological and financial problems to everyone. To add coal to the burning oil, the Russian war on Ukraine has accelerated inflation and food shortage globally. The worst hit nations are Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea which were already devastated by drought, locust plagues and other political turmoils. Addressing the food crisis and starvation in these regions is a challenge because most of the wheat and corn for these countries used to be imported from Russia and Ukraine which has come to a complete stop now!

In this context, Caritas Australia has launched ‘the Africa Food Crisis Appeal’ to nations around the globe. Vatican news reports that “donations to Caritas Australia’s Africa Food Crisis appeal will go towards food distributions, support for children impacted by malnutrition, clean drinking water, cash transfers to households at risk of poverty, hygiene supplies as well as seeds and household items for families that have been displaced by conflict.”

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