A Tale of Talents

A Tale of Talents

Pope at Audience: ‘Alliance between youth and elderly will save humanity’ – Vatican News


We live in a world of estrangement! Irrespective of nationality and ethnicity, intentional parent-child ‘break-up’ is on the rise. The causes are manifold- emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse are a few to name. Reflecting on the importance of bridging the gap between generations, Pope Francis referenced to Daniel’s prophetic dream about the Ancient of Days (Dan 7:9-10). The pope said that the wisdom of the old age is a great treasure which the young generation can inherit and should cherish. He said that a life of witnessing of the elderly based on the Word of God is a great blessing and strength to the new generation to thrive. “The snow-white hair is an ancient symbol of a very long time, of time immemorial, of an eternal existence,” he said.

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