St. Alphonsa Syro-Malabar Catholic Church

215 N Macneil St San Fernando, CA 91340

Mass Timing

Jan19th - Jan 23rd , 2022

JAnuary 19: Wednesday

7:30 pm: Holy Qurbana, Novena to St. Joseph

JANUARY 20 friday

7:00 PM : Confession 7:30 PM : Holy Qurbana, Novena to St. Alphonsa, Memorial

January 21: Saturday

10:00 AM : Holy Qurbana, Office of the Dead, Novena to Mother Mary of Perpetual Help, Memorial Mass for Annrose Jerry (2nd death Anniversary D/o Dr. Reny & Jerry Vadaparampil, Sacramento)

january 22: Sunday - Season of DENHA IV

10:15 AM:. Adoration 10:45 AM: Holy Qurbana
Readings: II Kings 17:24-28; Heb 6:1-12; Jn 4:1-26

Dear Parents, Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

The season of Denha is to reflect on the Epiphany of the Lord in the Church. On the Fridays of this season, we remember the saints who have witnessed the manifestation of the Trinity. Let’s also witness Him through our life in the Church.


Dear parents, brothers, and sisters,

Greetings from St. Alphonsa church. This is a gentle reminder regarding some matters that concern us.

*1.* As we are finalizing the parish family calendar (already a little late due to the formation of parish council etc.) please  email your family picture (if you haven’t done already) to be provided by January 10th. Email –

*2.* You are encouraged to submit important dates with respective photos for the 2022 calendar. As a sponsorship (Birthdays, Anniversary etc…) you are requested to pay the following: Prices -$15 for 1 photo, $ 25 for 2 photos. Any additional photos cost an extra $5 each. For example: $35 for 4 photos. Photography -Take a headshot for the highest quality.

*3*. The new Qurbana books have been distributed to families. It would be good to use them regularly in church. Due to COVID safety precautions, no Qurbana books will be kept in the church for common use. You are requested to pay the following: Price -$5 per book

*Please remember……*
*4.* *Covid cases are rising very quickly and we need to take extra care of our safety and the safety of others.*
Consider the following precautions:
• Sanitize hands before entering and exiting the church.
• Wear standard masks (N95 or surgical) that can prevent the virus.
• Keep 6 ft of distance between families when seated in church.
• Leave every other row of seats unoccupied in church.
• Avoid gathering outside the church (for a few weeks).
• Exit through the door near the sacristy to arrive at the parking lot. You may also exit through the main entrance.

*5.* Online CCD classes and live-streaming of Qurbana, on Sundays, will be continued until further notice.


Thank you, God bless you all

 Let us continue to strictly follow all COVID guidelines – Please wear mask all times and keep distance.

May the Good Lord Bless and Protect All of You


Fr. Sebastian Valiyaparampil

  •  Live Streaming of Qurbana (Sundays) will be continued until further notice
  •  In view of rising Covid cases Online CCD class will be continued until further notice
  • January 22nd Saturday:, 7:00 PM : Family Unit prayer meeting – Mother Teresa Unit (via Zoom)
  • Lenten Retreat – 2022 March 18-20
  • Lenten Youth Retreat – 2022 Mar. 18-20
  • 19 February 2022 Nurse Ministry Inauguration