Nurse’s ministry is a Catholic Nurses movement with a Charismatic spirituality and committed to the caring and healing ministry of Jesus Christ. The uniqueness of the nursing profession is that, a nurse on a daily basis encounters those who are suffering and in pain. Only a nurse who has recognized the ‘call’ of her profession, will be able to lead the sick to the divine healer-Jesus Christ. The essence of the ministry is to make nurses know Jesus and to experience Jesus. The ministry also helps them to realize that nursing is not just a profession but a “call’, a “vocation” and a “mission” to proclaim Jesus.

Thus, prime objective of the Nurse’s Ministry is the evangelization of all nurses. The ministry believes that a nurse who is evangelized is an evangelizer. She will witness Jesus Christ to everyone she encounters. The goal of the Nurses Ministry in our Parish is fellowship, outreach, intercession for a health parish, spiritual training, formation and evangelization. The strength of this ministry is its special focus on a life, centered on the Lord Jesus Christ. The members seek to grow as faithful Disciples of Christ through Personal prayers, Word of God, Sacraments, Fellowship and Evangelization.