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Have you ever wondered why many Catholic families say the Rosary every day? Do you ever find yourselves daydreaming while saying the Rosary? If you've asked yourselves these questions, then you are one of many individuals, including myself, that didn’t understand the significance of saying the Rosary. To fully understand this prayer, we have to first uncover its origin. The true origin of the Rosary is still not fully known, [...]


How do Aircrafts Fly


How do Aircrafts Fly? Jomin Kappiarumalayil This question may sound simple at first, and many would answer "using its engine," but there's a lot more than people initially think. Let's go back to the third grade when everyone threw a paper plane and watched it fly. Some would bend different parts of the paper claiming it would fly longer or faster, and some would throw it as hard [...]

How do Aircrafts Fly2022-05-17T12:19:23-07:00

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