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Away from Home


Another Sunday. You get ready, put on your church clothes, get in the car, and you and your family go to Syro-Malabar Church. You go every Sunday. You don't really feel excited, but you also don’t dislike it enough to stay home and have your parents lecture you. For you, Qurbana is kind of long but at least you get to talk with your friends afterwards! And so it’s become [...]

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Mother Teresa -The Mother of Destitutes


When we think of the Catholics that have changed the world, Mother Teresa’s name must be on top of that list. Even if you’re not Catholic, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard of her. The nun who wore a white sari with three blue stripes which represented the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and identified herself with the poor street sweepers of Calcutta, [...]

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Motherhood Kevin Zavier I believe God created motherhood as a challenge. Mothers are tested on their patience, their fortitude, and their strength in the process of bringing a baby into this world. Motherhood is a big responsibility. A mother needs to nurse her baby and attend to it even at late hours of the night. Not only does she need to be very caring of her child,  but [...]


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