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Phylogenetics is the study of evolutionary history and relationships between groups of organisms. Phylo is defined as “race or tribe, or a group of organisms” and genetics is the scientific study of “genes and hereditary”. Phylogenetic relationships are often shown through trees (figure below) in which the pattern of branching is an evolutionary reflection of a particular species from its common ancestor. One such phylogenetic tree we are all familiar [...]


Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day! ? MaryGrace Antony Happy Father’s Day to all the beloved Fathers in our parish! May the chocolates distributed in celebration of today’s joyous occasion be allocated gleefully amongst the masses. The first time I ever heard of Father’s Day was at St. Augustine church in Culver City at the age of 10. The only reason I paid attention was because I saw Papa receiving a chocolate bar from [...]

Happy Father’s Day!2022-06-10T20:55:39-07:00

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