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Click Chemistry and Nobel Prize


The 2022 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to a trio for the contribution of "click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry." Click chemistry is a new method of manufacturing molecules that can accelerate drug discovery by utilizing a few practical and reliable reactions. The winner of the 2022 Chemistry Nobel PrizeDr. Carolyn R. Bertozzi is a Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University. In 2000, she started utilizing click chemistry in living [...]

Click Chemistry and Nobel Prize2023-01-23T20:31:37-08:00

The Voice of the Voiceless: NAS Babies Cry


The Voice of the Voiceless: NAS Babies Cry Thomas Thannickal The sound of the newborn baby’s first cry (vagitus) is magical for parents. The infant needs to take the first breath. The first cry is critical to the transition from fetal circulation to living outside the womb successfully. The only way young babies know how to communicate is through crying. The pitch and sound of a baby’s cry [...]

The Voice of the Voiceless: NAS Babies Cry2022-03-20T03:55:45-07:00

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