A Tale of Talents

A Tale of Talents

What is SIDS?

SIDS or Sudden infant death syndrome is the unexplained death of healthy baby under the age of 1, usually occurring during sleep.

Ways to Protect Your Baby

  • Always place your baby on his/her back to sleep
  • Use a firm mattress with a fitted sheet
  • Keep loose bedding, pillows, blankets and toys out of the crib
  • Make sure nothing is covering the baby’s head
  • Do not over-clothe your baby when sleeping
  • Keep a smoke free zone around the baby
  • Use a pacifier after breastfeeding has been well established
  • Place crib in parents’ room

Warning Signs

  • Blue or pale skin color
  • Temperature of 100.4°F or more
  • Has difficulty breathing
  • Hard to wake up
  • Yellow skin or eyes
  • Redness, drainage or foul odor of the umbilical cord
  • Call 911, if baby’s lips look blue in color

Did you know?
SIDS is the leading cause of death in infants one to 12 months of age in the United states. Also, siblings of SIDS infants have an increased risk of dying from SIDS. So let us protect our angels from SIDS by following the above mentioned simple sleep position and tips.

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