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Psalms 150:3-4 says: “Give praise to the Lord with blasts upon the horn, praise him with harp and lyre. Give praise with tambourines and dance.”The main feast (day one) became very colorful with St. Alphonsa Parish’s own talents. Every age group from toddlers to adults, participated in the cultural program with great vigor and enthusiasm. The tireless work from the coordinators and the performers brought forth a delightful experience to all the parishioners.Congratulations!! Kalvarikkunnil... Margamkali Youth Dance Couple Dance Palappalli... Instrumental Music Hello, Hello, Hallelujah!

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The Beloved of the Crucified

The Beloved of the Crucified ‘The Beloved of the Crucified’ (‘ക്രൂശിതന്റെ പ്രണയിനി’) is a Musical Drama performed by over 70 artists from St. Alphonsa Syro Malabar Catholic Church, Los Angeles! Written and directed by Solly Vettukallel & Betsy Kaithathara, this masterpiece will, undoubtedly, escort the audience to the meaningful and sacrificial life of St. Alphonsa. None can watch it without tears rolling down their cheeks, when they witness how the ‘NUN’ burning with love for the ‘Heavenly Bridegroom’ allowed the thorns of suffering to prick her and pierce her heart so that she could identify herself with the crucified Jesus. [...]

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CCD Field Trip

CCD Field Trip Shaji Mattappally A day of exploration and rejuvenation. CCD Field Trip - Video 1 St. Andrew’s Abbey, a seven-minute drive away from the park, was a very serene and peaceful area, home to a Benedictine monastery. There are currently nineteen monks in the monastery, eleven of them priests.  One of the priests actually showed us around the Abbey. We visited their bell, the chapel, their duck pond, and the gardens/hills surrounding the area. We first went to the chapel where we learned from our tour guide/priest about the history behind the Abbey [...]

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