Lent is not the end!

In the tales of the Desert Fathers, there's a story about Abbot John the Dwarf. He asked God to free him from all his strong feelings, and God granted his request, leaving him without emotions. When he told one of the elders about this, expecting praise, the elder surprised him by saying, "Ask God to bring back your struggles. Our souls grow stronger when faced with challenges." So, Abbot John prayed for inner conflict. When the trials returned, he didn't ask for them to stop but instead prayed for strength: "Help me, Lord, to endure this battle." [Thomas Merton, The [...]

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New year, new beginning, new resolutions!!!

God’s own country! The land, blessed with sunshine, mountains, brooks ,streams, rivers, paddy fields and pristine beaches. The unsung paradise for the nostalgic mind. Hailing from this paradise with a predominant agricultural background, we've witnessed thriving trees, took pride in nurturing them, showcasing our green thumb. In nature, nothing is useless; trees typically flourish and yield fruit. When they bear fruit, their energy is solely devoted to producing for others, fulfilling their purpose. This idea seems applicable to us. As a faith community, we've evolved from a young sapling to a sturdy tree. In St. Mathew’s Gospel we read, And [...]

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Embracing Gratitude, Joy, and Hope

As the season of autumn covers the Californian mountains with hues of amber and gold, our hearts are gently nudged toward a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude. November heralds the time to gather around the table, recounting blessings, cherishing loved ones, and offering heartfelt thanks to God for His abundant grace and love. It's a time to reflect upon the many reasons we have to be grateful for, despite the challenges and uncertainties that may have marked our world around us. Thanksgiving, celebrated at the end of November, beckons us to pause and acknowledge the blessings in our lives—both big [...]

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