Usually, saints’ feast days are celebrated on their ‘birth to heaven’; however, the two exceptions are John the Baptist, and you guessed it, our Blessed Mother! Why is Mother Mary so important? The quickest answer in Jesus’ own words can be found in John 19: 27: “Behold your mother!” Jesus shares His mother with all of us because being able to love the people who understand Jesus best, helps us to know and love Him more.“Behold your mother!” On a deeper level, we see Mother Mary as the new Eve. Since Eve disobeyed God and Adam cooperated with her, they [...]

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Editor’s View Team L’ALPHA The five pictures released lately by NASA are predicted to shed light into the dilemma of the beginning of the universe. Some of the pictures even contain galaxies as far as 13.1 billion light years. It means that the images of the universe at its infancy, as hypothesized by scientists based on big bang theory, are at our fingertips! The infrared light that cuts through the obscuring gasses and dust has brought these images to our bare eyes. Each spot-like dot in the picture is a galaxy. Indeed, it is amazing! NASA and James Webb Space [...]

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Editorial - July Team L’ALPHA “I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining, I believe in love, even when it is not shown, And I believe in God, even when He is silent!” This is an inscription on the wall of a cellar in the city of Cologne attributed to a Jew who was dying at the hands of the Nazis during holocausts. On the third of July, when we celebrate the feast of St. Thomas - Our Father in Faith - these enchanting words of faith and courage resonate on the walls of my mind. The [...]

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