Environmental Science & Engineering for a Sustainable Future

Environmental science and engineering are essential to solving the complex problems that anthropogenic activities on the earth have brought about. This article explores the many facets of this subject, concentrating on the interactions between social, environmental, and governance factors (ESG). We investigate how integrating these factors can create a sustainable future where people live harmoniously with the environment. Numerous urgent issues are being brought about by the devastation caused by climate change on our planet. Extreme weather events become increasingly severe as temperatures rise, increasing the frequency and severity of storms, droughts, and wildfires. Sea water levels are rising due [...]

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Chat GPT is an advanced learning model developed by OpenAI and launched on November 30, 2022, aiming to make human-like responses to human prompts. GPT stands for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer," essentially a language model that helps train AI like ChatGPT how to respond to a human prompt. ChatGPT represents a breakthrough in AI (Artificial intelligence) technology, as it has become one of the first AIs to respond to almost any prompt a human gives. For this reason, ChatGPT is a fun demonstration of how far artificial intelligence has come while being a valuable tool in some scenarios. The most well-known [...]

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Dry Eye Disease is one of the most common eye conditions in America. It is shown to be on the rise among young adults due to increased digital device usage. Studies have shown that blink rates on any digital device decrease significantly, causing the eyes to dry out more. A survey taken in 2013 by Kantar Health stated that 6 million people have reported they suffer from the symptoms of dry eyes but never were diagnosed with Dry Eye Disease. The eyes are hydrated by tears per each complete blink. Tears, or the tear film, comprise mucus, water, and oil [...]

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