Environmental Day

I grew up having a love-hate relationship with our planet as a child. Earth fosters millions of species and is at least 4 billion years old. Life is always seen trying to prevail even with the slimmest chances and it is seen everywhere. But I felt it was still too small even when it was described to be considerably big. For all of my childhood, I grew up moving through small apartments and rented houses. I sadly never got the experience of running in my backyard with the sprinklers on when I was young. The world was so big, yet [...]

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Art and Painting

Art and Painting Jasmine Martinez In this heartwarming piece of art by Jasmine Martinez, the Holy Family, consisting of Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and Jesus, are displayed together. Although each family member is symbolized differently, they are all similar in that they share the same fiery heart. This artwork especially correlates with the oncoming Christmas season, a season of giving, remembrance of Jesus' birth, and admiration of the Holy Family where Jesus grew up.

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