The Life and Spirituality of St. Vincent de Paul

Charity is the greatest of all virtues, according to St. Paul. In 1 Corinthians 13:13, we read: “So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love”. St. Vincent de Paul is generally called “The Apostle of Charity”. The French philosopher Voltaire, a critic of the Roman Catholic Church, once said: “My saint is Vincent de Paul”. If Voltaire had directly voiced his opinion at the time of St. Vincent de Paul, this humble saint would have been embarrassed since he even considered himself unworthy of priesthood. To others, he preferred to be known (simply) as [...]

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Festal Celebrations Videos

Psalms 150:3-4 says: “Give praise to the Lord with blasts upon the horn, praise him with harp and lyre. Give praise with tambourines and dance.”The main feast (day one) became very colorful with St. Alphonsa Parish’s own talents. Every age group from toddlers to adults, participated in the cultural program with great vigor and enthusiasm. The tireless work from the coordinators and the performers brought forth a delightful experience to all the parishioners.Congratulations!! Kalvarikkunnil... Margamkali Youth Dance Couple Dance Palappalli... Instrumental Music Hello, Hello, Hallelujah!

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The Death of Writing: How ChatGPT is Revolutionizing the Written Word

Of all the things I find joy in, I think writing is special. The word vomit from my mind that lays out like resin on an empty table. I’ve always loved to write… but I’m also equally lazy and I have to write too… the love to hold attention with stories and jokes and lies and everything my distracted mind survives. It’s been many months since my incomplete novel begs me to come back and write another line… but too often my fingers glide over my screen in an endless scroll. Until I stumbled upon ChatGPT! Writing has been a [...]

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