St John the Baptist – A voice that cries out in the desert

As we enter this new year, we embrace the liturgical season of Denha or the Season of Epiphany. We celebrate the feast of (Denha) Baptism of Jesus Christ as the central premise of this season. Being known for his prophetic acts and conversion of people through baptism, St John the Baptist is blessed with the grace to baptize Jesus and bear witness to the divine presence of God the Father and the Holy Spirit at the auspices occasion of His baptism. St John the Baptist seems to have had a fascinating character throughout his story in the bible. In all [...]

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An Ode to a Christmas Classic

Imagine this. We are entering the next Malayali family’s house for the annual unit Christmas carol. The house is ornate with a beautiful Christmas tree and a manager that somehow beat the last house you went to (you know how competitive manger decorating contests can get). Your eyes wander as to what snacks you might munch on after gracing their abode with stunning vocals. Just then, you are snapped into reality as one of the aunties yell out, “12 days of Christmas, everyone turn to page 4!” We go on with the partridges in pear trees, geese, maids, ladies and [...]

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Lessons to be Learnt From St. Teresa of Avila

St. Teresa of Avila once said, “Whoever has God, lacks nothing; God alone suffices.” When St. Teresa was a teenager, she had convinced herself that she was a miserable sinner, because she had lost her faith in God and fell into worldly temptations. She was quite charming, and this made it very easy for her to make friends with many people. Even though she was surrounded by a big group of friends, she still felt incomplete and not at peace with her life at that moment. Her family had chosen for her to join a convent school which reignited her [...]

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