A Tale of Talents

A Tale of Talents

By the side of the Virgin Mother
He slept silently and peacefully,
While the world was wide awake Belligerently and tumultuously!

I stood by the manger speechlessly,
My heart was throbbing noisily!
My aspirations longed to soar,
My endless stories wanted to pour!

But the baby kept on sleeping,
In the comfort of the hay,
In the security of the manger,
He kept on.. He kept on..

“I love you Baby Jesus,”
My utterance found a way..
His divine countenance gifted me a beam,
Or was it just a gentle movement in a heavenly dream?!

I wished he woke up and looked at me mercifully,
But He kept on.. He kept on..
The same sleep on the boat when Galilee roared,
The same sleep on the cross when the temple curtain tore..

I continue standing by the cradle of God still,
Now, more peacefully and still,
Experience told me that Jesus knows me well,
Hence, my heart hums a lullaby and it spills..

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