A Tale of Talents

A Tale of Talents

Once upon a time, there was an eleven year old boy named Jaxson.
Jaxson did not like his parents and he yelled at both of them every single day. He was angry at his parents because they wouldn’t buy toys for Jaxson. Jaxson did horribly at school and was the meanest person there. He also failed all his tests and that is why he was still in first grade. He never made it past kindergarten until his principal decided to let him go to first grade.The only person he liked is Jeffrey. Every day, they wore shirts that said JJ TEAM, because their names both start with J. As usual, he yelled at his parents for the smallest things like not putting his dirty socks away in the washing machine or giving him only one jelly and bread sandwich. Then he would yelled,” I’M GOING UPSTAIRS TO MY BEDROOM.’’

He went to his bedroom and slammed the door so hard that the neighbors came. “Is everything ok? What was that sound?’’ The neighbors asked.
“Yeah….. It is just Jaxson, our son.”
“ Let me go check,” Jaxson’s mom said.
She ran upstairs and saw, the door was fine, but she heard Jaxson saying, “ I do not like my parents . THEY ARE THE WORST!!!!!”
Jaxson’s mom went downstairs and said everything was okay. Meanwhile Jaxson was thinking about something mischievous. He went downstairs and stole money from both Mom and Dad’s wallet. He was going to buy an iPhone 14.The next day, when he finished school, he went to the Apple store to buy the phone. It was one thousand dollars. Just enough money. He went to the cashier and said, “Excuse me, can I buy this phone?’’
The cashier said yes and he left, hugging the phone while skipping happily all the way home. Once he ate dinner, he went upstairs to try his new phone. He thought about telling his parents one time, but he did not.

“Maybe I should just show Jeffry tomorrow and open it tomorrow.” Jaxson said. He went to sleep, and he had a dream that felt so real. God was in his dream and said, “ Jaxson, I know you have the heart to return the phone and be nicer to your parents. I expect better from you Jaxson.”
Jaxson woke up and said, “It was just a dream.”

He went downstairs and got his backpack and phone and left. When he saw Jeffry he said, “Look, my parents bought me an iPhone 14!!!”
“Really? My parents would have just gotten me a Samsung.’’
“Anyway, do you want to come to my house today after school?’’
When Jeffry came, Jaxson asked,
“Do you want to go play a computer game like that building game you showed me yesterday?” “Sorry man, but I can’t because my parents will come in any minute.
Ding dong…the bell rang.
“Oh they are here, bye, see you at school .”
“Is Jeffry gone now Jaxson?’’ Jaxson’s mom said.
“Yea.” Jaxson said.
“Good, because we need to talk.”
“Just follow me.” Jaxson’s mom said.
Jaxson and his mom went to the living room. Jaxson’s dad was already sitting on the couch. “ Jaxson, you need to get your grades up.”
“Yea, yea , whatever .”
When Jaxson went to sleep, he had another realistic dream. God came, again and said, “Jaxson, please for once listen to your parents. I know that if you don’t get your grades up, they will send you to a boarding school, very far away from your house.”
The next day, Jaxson was very worried and for once he felt bad about how he treated his parents. When he was at school, he tried his best to finish the test that would allow him to go to second grade, and he passed! When he actually told Jeffry that he stole the money from his parents, Jeffry said, “You’re going to get in so much trouble.”
When his parents were driving him back home he said, “I’m so sorry that I yelled at you whenever I got back home from school.”
“It is ok,” his mother said.
When they got back home, Jaxson confessed to his parents that he stole money from them. He said he was truly sorry and promised that he would be a better son from now on. In the night, when Jaxson went to sleep God said, “I’m so proud of you son, you did the right thing.” When he woke up, he felt real happiness that he never felt before.

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